Images of Protest Exhibition at the Rich Mix

Click on the image above to see the poster for this event, designed by Ian McLaren

Hanging Out: Images of Protest

On the 5th January around eighty people braved a wet and windy Thursday evening to attend the Images of Protest private view, held at the Rich Mix’s Mezzanine Gallery.

Wesley Kerr, HLF Chair of the London Committee (far right) and Mike Bieber HLF London Committee member (third from left);


"The range of images produced by the volunteers were excellent"

Exhibited was a collection of some of the most influential protest images held in the Victoria and Albert Museum and Imperial War Museums collections produced across the 60s, 70s and early 80s.

"The range of images,protests and causes is very broad and takes in the troubles of the times- some were familiar and others refreshingly new"

"A good 'peoples venue' suitable for the theme of protest"

The work displayed charts the changes that occurred in popular and social culture during these decades and covers subjects including the civil rights movement, student protest, political engagement, anti-Vietnam war and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

"Brings back memories of the struggle that transcended artificial barriers of ethnicity, culture and growth that succeeded to communicate to the present. This needs to be incorporated in contemporary struggles"

"A very nice range of posters and banners and photographs. Nice blend of 60s based artwork that was perfectly complimented by interesting history"

Period black and white photography is used throughout the exhibition to link the posters to people engaged in the activity of protest, and to document the protest movement from the perspective of specific people and groups.

Neil Kenlock, the official photographer for the Black Panthers;

Elaine Harris, Exhibition Associate; beside Portrait of Angela Davis, copyright V&A Images;

Included in the exhibition is “What’s Your Protest?”, a selection of contemporary protest posters that have been created by young volunteers at our Hanging Out Screen Printing Workshop at the V&A museum. These posters raise the issues prevalent to youth culture today.

"Great idea to create contemporary images for current protests. I thought that there were some fun examples"

Ian McLaren, beside his Easter March Poster1966, copyright Imperial War Museums;

"Excellent display – liked the placards idea. Got me thinking what I can do in one day!"

Amongst those who attended were Wesley Kerr, HLF Chair of the London Committee and HLF London Committee members Prakash Daswani and Mike Bieber, alongside contributors Ian McLaren, who designed the exhibitions poster in a similar style to his designs for the CND during the 60s; Neil Kenlock, the official photographer for the Black Panthers; and members of the See Red Womens Workshop.

See Red Womens Workshop members Pru Stevenson, Susan Mackie, Bronwen Rice, daughter of founder member Julia Franco, and Kehinde James;

"Took me back to my earlier years. Wonderful and powerful selection of images-very timely"

Prakash Daswani, HLF London Committee member, and Jane Earl, Chief Executive for Rich Mix;

After everyone had taken in the excellent array of images that were on display, HLF London Committee member Mike Bieber gave an inspirational speech about the Heritage Lottery Fund, highlighting how both tangible and intangible forms of heritage can touch many aspects of our lives. He then made way for the Artistic Director Lorna Holder, who gave an overview of the project and how it has helped the 85 volunteers who have already participated.

Lorna Holder, Artistic Director; with volunteers Shauntel Edwards, Christabelle Samuel, Lee Greatorex, Mark Blay and Eniko Ohene;

"A very interesting mix of photographs and posters and print in particular the varied typology techniques used stood out to me. The photos of the time help to bring a story to the posters, something that worked well"

Hanging Out Volunteers Akeem Nicoll and Maliaka Tapambwa;


“The mix of printed posters and photographs were varied and showed a wide selection of protest posters from different countries”

The evening finished on a high with two spirited and passionate performances from young volunteer musicians Brooke Lawrence and Candice Casagrande, who sang their own protest songs to the audience.

Brooke Lawrence and Candice Casagrande;

"Great venue, easy to get to. Bright and spacious"

"Brilliant- representative range of all the different perspectives at the time. Rich Mix is a great venue. An excellent, thought provoking exhibition!"

The Hanging Out Project would like to thank all those who have contributed and worked so hard in making this exhibition a success and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Photography: Damien Walker

Hanging Out: Images of Protest

Rich Mix Mezzanine Gallery
35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6LA

FREE ADMISSION, 6 January - 28 January 2012 9am -11pm

Full Spectrum Productions presents the Hanging Out Project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum, Imperial War Museums and Rich Mix. ‘Images of Protest’ focuses on protest posters and poster art of 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s Britain and how this art form has both influenced and been influenced by the myriad aspects of youth culture. The work on display charts the immense change that occurred in popular and social culture in these decades and covers subjects such as Nuclear Disarmament, Racial Equality and Equal Rights.

The exhibition looks at material from photographers, artists & designers and self-organized groups such as The See Red Womens Workshop, Atelier Populaire, Paul Peter Piech, Ian McLaren and Neil Kenlock - the official photographer for the Black Panthers, as well as including images of Muhammad Ali’s resistance to the Vietnam War.

Included is a selection of contemporary posters created by young people involved with the Hanging Out project. Given access to archives of anti-war protest images at the V&A the group were inspired to generate their own posters revealing the extent to which the protest voice and aesthetic can still be heard and is relevant today.

Music Performance
On the 5th January from 8pm two Hanging Out project volunteer musicians, who took part in our 1960s Music Workshop, shall be performing their own protest songs to open the Images of Protest Exhibition to the public.

Our first volunteer is Candice Casagrande, who has recently graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. She is a captivating vocalist and acclaimed songwriter brings indie/folk from the shores of Byron Bay, Australia.
After winning over international songwriting judges in 2009 and 2010 with a stand out poetic voice, Candice re-located to London to continue writing and has been gigging acoustically throughout 2011. A heartfelt performer with a disarming honesty, this authentic artist is one to watch for 2012 and beyond.

Our second volunteer is Brooke, currently studies music at the Academy of Contemporary Music:

"Hi, my name's Brooke. I've been writing my own songs since I was 13, using the piano or guitar. I'm writing a lot with other musicians which is really interesting, as what we come up with together is totally different from my solo work. I also love dancing and acting; I attend a drama school every Saturday and I have danced in a competition which I also wrote the music for. I love performing on the stage, which I have been doing since I was 11, the feeling I get from it is unreal!"

Facebook: Hanging Out Project 

Full Spectrum Office: T: 020 7692 2711
E: info@hangingout.org.uk

• The Hanging Out Project has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant.
• Full Spectrum Productions, formed in 2004, is a not-for-profit company.

Heritage Lottery Fund
Using money raised through the National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) sustains and transforms a wide range of heritage for present and future generations to take part in, learn from and enjoy. From museums, parks and historic places to archaeology, natural environment and cultural traditions, we invest in every part of our diverse heritage. HLF has supported 30,000 projects, allocating £4.7billion across the UK, including just over £893million in London alone. Website: www.hlf.org.uk

For further press information:
Alison Brockway
Talent PR, 01462 482 095 or alison@talentpr.co.uk

An enticing display comprising materials from the project’s activities, plus other relevant images and collections, will be held at the V&A during 2012. Volunteers who participated in the project’s Training Workshops will be involved in the development of the display. 

Click here to contact us for more information about the event and how to participate

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