Get Running!

posted by the hanging out team - Monday, July 15, 2013
So! Last week it was cycling. I love the idea of cycling and encourage you to do it. However, if like me when armed with anything with wheels (including a shopping trolley) you become a weapon of mass destruction, you may want to keep fit another way. Enter jogging, hurrah! All you need is decent joints, perseverance and (I stress) good trainers. My sister passed on to me her old cheerleading trainers so I got lucky, but they aren’t too expensive and some of them are pretty. I had a sneaky look at the Puma website and a lot of their sportswear is bright and fun. Since neon’s are a big part of spring you can look on trend. I tend to go for the whole sweaty mess look while jogging but whatever.

Overall, I would suggest not worrying about what you look like. It can be daunting jogging in public spaces and it’s easy to think that overall people are staring and/or mocking you. Chances are they aren’t. A passing glance is as intense as the attention gets. Even if some idiot chooses to snigger, you should be too absorbed in trying to breathe to even notice. Doesn’t it sound fun yet? Well at first it isn’t. It’s grueling and hard going, but once you get into it you really get into it. The exercise keeps your body and your mind healthy. Talk to anyone who has been running to and they will regale you with the therapeutic benefits of the exercise. It focuses the mind and fine tunes the body, toning up calves and thighs and improving physical performance.

Usain Bolt receiving his winners medal. Copyright Tuareg Productions Ltd.

Speaking of performance, let’s think of two more Olympians that did amazingly well in the Olympic Games; Mo Farah long distance legend and the Mac Daddy of cool Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt. No one is promising that you’ll be the fastest human in the world. In fact, when you start jogging it’s best to figure out your route first and work your way up to a steady run.

Perhaps then Mo is our man. His sport is about perseverance and as a novice jogger your aim is to build up stamina. And that’s why starting off slow is integral to your development. The whole point of jogging is to get your body used to it. Don’t be surprised or disappointed if you shoot off like a bullet and half way down the road your panting with your hand on your knees. When you get good by all means mix a sprint into your route and do a bit of a Bolt. It’s totally worth it.

Olympic hero Mo Farah. Image courtesy of  Tab59

Motivate yourself and get out there, you’ll improve your mental health, your sleep, your heart condition, your skin, stress levels and improve the circulation of your brain so its runs more smoothly. For those of you who lack motivation read a book called ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ by Ruth Field. Yes, it is as harsh as it sounds and if you are of a sensitive disposition steer clear. For those of you with a thick skin and a sense of humour this book is great for getting you one the move.
Well, go on then!

By Natasha Dujon

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