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Are you a Goo Hoarder??

posted by the hanging out team - Friday, November 16, 2012
Ever heard of a ‘Goo-hoarder’? Neither had I until quite recently. I realised simultaneously what they were and that I was one of them. Sounds gross I know, but I am and chances are there are a lot more of you out there than you think.

Do you jump from one skincare regime to the next collecting half empty bottles of well meaning gloop? Do you move from fragrance to fragrance in the hope of finding one that’s just ‘you’, never finishing any of them? Do you get two nail varnishes or lipsticks that are almost exactly the same shade because one has a matte finish and one a shine?

If you answered yes to one or more you are one of us. Goo hoarder!

You have a whole bunch of cosmetics that you don’t need. You ‘treat’ yourself to something small and pretty or pleasant smelling to breathe some life into your everyday beauty regime. Check out what youtube vlogger Jenna Marbles says about it in the video below. You’ll see what I mean.

But this article is not intended to point fingers or shame anyone. In fact, as a true hoarder, I want to show you my top five favourite ‘Goos’.

These are a few of my favourite things!

1) Body Shop Body Butters in Mango, blueberry and most recently Almond.
They keep your skin hydrated and have a lasting fragrance which I find is rare in a moisturiser.

2) St. Ives Sensitive Skin Scrub.
Not only does this wonderful scrub smell delicious but it leaves my skin (which is highly temperamental) smooth and not on fire.

3) Mac Lipstick
I love Mac’s lipstick. They are a little pricey for my taste but they are great value for money especially when you apply them with a brush. And better still when you go to the Mac shops their advisors help you choose what suits you. Just tell them what you’re after.
My collection includes...Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Chilli, Girl About Town and Amorous.

4) Barry M Nail Varnish
The colours are so vibrant and they last a long time as long as you keep applying top coat. They ought to as they take about six months to dry.

I would recommend any of these products from one Goo Hoarder to another. Maybe the next time you’re bored, or you’re craving goo; you should do an inventory of the stuff you already have and maybe use something you haven’t in a while. Revisiting the cosmetics you already have can be just as entertaining as getting new ones.
Just a thought though. Happy Hoarding!

Here's what Jenna Marbles has to say about it:

by Natasha Dujon, Hanging Out Fashion/Beauty Editor

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