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Take a chance, take a course!

posted by the hanging out team - Tuesday, February 12, 2013

At this time of year when your New Year’s resolution has failed and your enthusiasm for your grand new start has fizzled out; it’s easy to sink back on laurels and think ‘Whatever’. Becoming too preoccupied with the ‘I can’t’ or the ‘if only’ that we lose sight of what could potentially make us happy in life. All those things you wanted to try before you die, all those hidden interests we have niggling at the back of our minds become nothing but a pang of regret or wistfulness.

Actors- Colin Firth 

Not to be cliché, but life is short and opportunities aren’t always as patient as we wish they were. The thing we overlook too often is that opportunities are something that can be created. You don’t have to sit and wait for fate to hand them to you. Taking a short course is creating that opportunity. Whether you’re a student, a graduate, employed or unemployed; a short course could give your life the boost is needs to get it on the road. For example, Nancy graduated with a 2.1 BA in Fashion in Journalism from the University of Narnia. She loved her course but she always wanted a clearer understanding of what went into creating a collection or garment. So, what can she do?

Musicians- M.I.A

Well for a start she should do her research. What is it that she really wants to try- textiles, fashion drawing, pattern cutting? Central Saint Martins would be a good place to start. They boast a vast array of courses from Animation from Beginner to Advanced; Script Writing; Photography; Acting; Ballet; and Fashion Design or Marketing. Some courses are available over a short weekend or a few days while others are weekly for five and sometimes ten weeks. The courses allow for those in full time work seeking a creative change in career as well as those in part time employment or otherwise. Central Saint Martin’s offers an elite level of teaching and enrichment that is renowned and respected globally. Their student body is made of a large range of nationalities, as students travel from worldwide to study there. Some of their more famous alumni include,

Musicians- Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) 

A short course at Central Saint Martins is great for leading into a creative career path. If you’re looking for a course outside of those creative areas or if your interest is a little more casual; look on your local government website and look for adult learning. There are opportunities to learn new languages; decorate cakes; dance; and gain a qualification in bookkeeping. All of the courses are reasonably priced and local with concessions available to those who qualify. There’s no real reason you shouldn’t pursue what you are interested in. There are classes available in most London Boroughs and you don’t have to be a resident of a particular borough to take classes there. You can live in Tower Hamlets and take Zumba in Greenwich. It’s also always worth looking into local papers to see exercise classes or recreational activities available. Check your local university or college to check what course they have available. There are often lectures or courses that are open to the public.

Fashion Designers- Jeff Banks.

Whether your interest is in pursuing a new hobby, starting exercise or if you want find your new calling in life; a short course could be the key. It will benefit you socially, mentally stimulate you and improve your overall wellbeing.

Natasha Dujon 

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